A Tailor Made Service

Here at Oakfield Records we know that every project is different and we can tailor make a service to suit your needs, whether that be an audio mixdown for your latest project, mastering your next EP or a full blown service from the recording stage right through to your distribution and advice on social media strategy. Contact the studio to discuss your needs and Luke Bredin will put a service and plan into place to meet your requirements.

Luke Bredin

The Oakfield Records studio is run by Luke Bredin, a music producer, mix and mastering engineer, Luke Bredin is an accomplished sound and video post-production artist who maintains an epic, cinematic feel to his personal and professional conceptions. He has produced a number of creative pieces for various artists, including audio introductions and video trailers for the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Heather Killough-Walden.

Production Sample: Beneath The Embers


Our Services

Audio Mixing & Mastering

Two separate parts of the music production process which are very important to an exceptional final product that is ready for release. Audio mixing takes the individual sounds of your project and fits them together to form an overall coherent production. Mastering is quite often seen as a ‘dark art’ in the music industry though it is really a process that takes technical knowledge and combines this with real world experience, to hone the mix down into a fit for purpose track that sounds great on all playback systems and in all output formats.

Analog Processing

Digital technology has made great advances in recent years, but digital programmes still do not compare to the level of articulation, depth, realism and responsiveness of analog equipment. The difference can be astounding when you hear the bottem end presence, fulness and top end detail and warmth of quality analog processors. Our studio provides a fantastic analog processing service where we take your recorded stem tracks and run them through the studio’s analog chains to add the warmth, richness and fullness that digital processors just can not reproduce.

Vocal Recording And Project Overdubs

The studio provides a fantastic sounding space ideal for recording vocals and individual instruments. We also provide a vocal and instrument overdub service to accompany our audio mixing work when the project requires enhancements that will have the highest quality result by re-recording sections.

Other Services

  • Record Label Services
  • PPL Registrations
  • Digital Distribution
  • Audio production
  • Producer
  • Audio Mix critique and feedback
  • Consultancy on projects
  • Social Media Presence/strategy


What Artists Say:

I have used Luke Bredin exclusively for my recording and mastering since 2012 and have always found him to be highly professional and dedicated to creating an outstanding end product. – Ian Haywood

Luke is a pleasure to work with, he has a great ear for detail, my creations have never sounded so good! – Big404

I use Luke Bredin because I know he will put as much effort into my tracks as I do. I’m not just getting run through presets. He takes the time to figure out what sound I’m going for. – ElectricType